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This sporty girl seems to be not only bondage model, she's also a movie star. Seen her acting in some movies.

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Country: USA Rating: 100

Author of this Review: Ken05

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-----   Posted by jaker on January, 04 , 2009      

tomiko is built for fatal bondage senarios . one that would be great would be a vid of her going to the electric chair in a prison dress

Comment by:

axel f

-----   Posted by axel f on August, 12 , 2008      

hi tomiko
  ive see you by hypnoticsWorld and i must say i like it
  where can i see you on the net?

Comment by:


-----   Posted by Largo on January, 31 , 2008      

Tomiko is by far the best bondagemodel in the world!!!!! She is absolutely fabulous !!!

Comment by:

Shes a bitch

-----   Posted by Shes a bitch on December, 25 , 2007      

Tomiko is a horrible bondage model. She should tie it up and throw her career overboard!!!

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